Other Resources

Learn, share and promote the role of sport in getting and keeping kids active and healthy. And make it happen for your community.

In This Module

Sample High-Level Steps

Sample high-level steps to mobilize your community: An example of a timeline we’ve used when launching community initiatives.

Fact Sheets

One-pagers you can share with community members and leaders about how sport activity supports healthy communities.

Parent Checklists

Ten simple questions that parents should ask depending on the child’s age and activity level with sports. Find the checklist most relevant to your child, watch the preview video, click the View My Checklist button to take a test, and find all of the resources you need to build an athlete for life.

Success Stories

Hear about how other communities have used this process to grow access to sport for their kids.

Healthy Sport Index

A tool by the Aspen Institute and the Hospital for Special Surgery that measures the health outcomes of the top 10 sports played by high school students.

Essential Equipment For Success

From footwear to protective gear to water and snacks, every athlete has an equipment bag. It contains the essentials and some backups. These resources are ours.